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That looks like it might be the most plastic made car I have seen yet. cars 2 rip clutchgoneski diecast I wonder if this is going to be the same as the authorized release if indeed there ever is one.

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Anyone know why they haven't announced Rip Clutchgoneski as a diecast yet? I'm surprised he's not a single or in the car packs? Yes I know the list is only cars 2 rip clutchgoneski diecast 75% done.

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disney cars 2 die cast 19 pc set rip cars 2 rip clutchgoneski diecast clutchgoneski not included! please read all $59.99

Another new racecar has been released for Cars 2 by Pixar/Disney, and there is something distinctly different about this one. Rip Clutchgoneski is the first racecar .

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Never happy with sitting idly on the sidelines, Disney/Pixar continued their new Cars 2 character roll-out and unveiled a new addition to the cast: Rip Cluthgoneski.

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i just found some cool pics of
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